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Our Responsibility
All that we do here at this site is 100% legal. We are corporate citizens who are responsible for our operations and are in compliance with all applicable laws. Your orders are absolutely secure when placed with us, and our billing system ensures that your information is kept safe and private. You never need to worry about ordering from us. Should you encounter any problems at all, from customs delays or lost shipping, you can contact us immediately and get help with resolving the issues. We can work out a refund or to re-ship your order if necessary. Your satisfaction is our main concern.
Our Stand On Safety
When it comes to safety, we take it very serious. Me ensure that all our products comply with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940, as well as all other applicable amendments or rules. We put a 100% guarantee that our products will meet with your high standards for both now and in the future. We provide dosage information and any other information that is relevant to the medications you find on this website. Read all this information before you decide to place an order. If you're not absolutely 100% sure that you should take any of these medications, then consult with your physician before ordering. Should you have other concerns or questions, you can contact the customer support team, who is available 24/7, by phone or email.
Our Stand On Safety
Your privacy is of utmost concern to us. The email address you provide us with will never be abused. Spam is illegal and we don't engage in those types of activities. If you should ever receive any spam in relation to our products or our services, please contact us immediately at our customer support department and we will deal with it swiftly.
Five years in the business
Pharmacy at Home is one of the foremost leading pharmacies appearing on the Internet. We have a goal to deliver high quality, effective, and safe generic medications for a very good price. Pharmacy at Home deals in quality medications produced and shipped from India. All of our products that are made available through our site are produced using the best raw materials and with the greatest of care. We produce these products at world-class manufacturing plants located in India. All of these plants are Indian FDA approved, and are certified internationally, which ensures that we deliver and produce products of the utmost safety.