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Amoxil is indicated for typhoid and paratyphoid fevers, dental abscess, endocarditis, peritonitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, pneumonia, gonorrhea, impetigo, septicemia and pyelonephritis.

Purpose: Bacterial Infections Treatment Prescription Required:No
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Drug Facts

How generic Amoxil works?
Amoxil contains Amoxicillin as an active ingredient. It belongs to penicillin group of medicines. Amoxicillin can kill the bacteria by destroying the cell wall of bacteria. Bacteria can not survive without a cell wall, cell wall is protective barrier of bacteria which prevents the bacterial contents from leaking out. Amoxicillin kills the bacteria by removing the cell wall.
When Amoxil should not be taken?
Amoxil is contraindicated in patients having allergy to cephalosporin and penicillin antibiotics. It must not be given to the patients who have acute conditions like renal failure, heart troubles like myocardial infarction, liver diseases like cirrhosis of liver, enlargement etc.
How generic Amoxil interacts with other drugs?
Amoxil causes a rash when combined with allopurinol. Methotrexate is not eliminated efficiently from body by using it with generic Amoxil. It increases the INR or blood clotting time when combined with warfarin. The blood levels of generic Amoxil are increased with probenecid causing aggravation in the side effects of amoxil. It should not take with typhoid vaccinations like vivotif. Oral contraceptive pills become less effective with Amoxicillin.
What can be the possible side effects?
Amoxil can cause dizziness, blood disorders, colitis, pruritis, thrush, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea as side effects. Other side effects can be headache, sleep disorders, skin rashes, bowel upset like constipation and changes in libido.
What precautions you must take?
Generic Amoxil must be used carefully in patients having cytomegalovirus infection, glandular fever, leukemia and decreased kidney function. Also in case of decreased liver function, lymphatic diseases and you should be careful while combining it with other drugs and supplements.
Is generic Amoxil safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding?
This drug is safe in pregnancy and can be taken. You must consult your physician before taking it. No harmful effects are recorded. The drug is recommended in women breastfeeding their infants as it is safe and can pass through mother’s milk and affect the baby if it.
Where can I buy Amoxil?
Amoxil is a very frequently used antibiotic across the world. It is really effective and safe in treatment of bacterial infections of eye, ear, and upper respiratory trait including throat, trachea and upper part of lungs. Amoxicillin is very useful in patients having such bacterial infections. Buy cheap Amoxil and order generic Amoxil online at our online pharmacy and this can help you avoid visits go to the pharmacy store. You will get guaranteed, generic Amoxil as original and a home delivery. Amoxil has treated bacterial infections all over the world and got fame. The drug has been proved by many medical authorities and known to have very less side effects. Treat bacterial infections and live a healthy life.