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Clomid is used in women who are infertile due to failure of ovulation. It contains Clomiphene as an active ingredient.

Purpose: Female Infertility Treatment Prescription Required:No
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Drug Facts

How generic Clomid works? Clomid is a drug used to treat infertility. It contains Clomiphene citrate as an active drug. Egg or ovum is released from ovaries under in the influence of two hormones follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. These when reach at a particular level in the blood, there is negative feedback sent to the hypothalamus gland by the estrogen hormone. This stops further selection of FSH & LH and ovulation is not achieved in some women. Clomiphene citrate blocks the oestrogen receptors present on hypothalamus and prevents the negative feedback mechanism with this FSH & LH levels keep on rising beyond the threshold. This leads to ovulation from the ovaries. When Clomid should not be taken? This medicine is contraindicated in pregnancy, in endometrial cancer, when lives function is impaired, in case ovarian cysts, and abnormal bleeding from uterus. How generic Clomid interacts with other drugs? Clomid is a safe drug and its interactions have no adverse effects. There are no significant changes observed in patients when combined with other drugs. You must not combine generic Clomid with other drugs having same action and active ingredient as the over dose may be consumed. Consult your doctor if new signs appear with any combination of herbal drugs or supplements. What can be the possible side effects? Generic Clomid can cause fatigue, convulsions, insomnia, salpingitis, pain in lower abdomen, hot flushes, breast discomfort, headache, nausea and vomiting, dysmenorrhea, psychosis, depression, endometriosis, skin rashes, itch, cerebrovascular accidents, dizziness, nervous tension, visual disturbances, over stimulation of ovaries that can cause increased production of eggs, spotting of blood in between menstrual periods. What precautions you must take? This medicine should not be given in case where there is any history of seizures, fibroids of uterus and endometriosis. Is generic Clomid safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding? This medicine should not be given during pregnancy and breast feeding as the drug has not been studied in pregnant women and women nursing the newborn infants. Clomid may cross the placenta and harm the fetus. Where can I buy Clomid? Clomid can provide treatment for female infertility. Generic Clomid is available online at our pharmacy and can be purchased easily. The drug will be delivered by home delivery to you and you need not to worry about visits to the pharmacy store. Female infertility can be very irritating. Clomid helps ovulation of right time so that fertilization can take place. Clomid has helped many patients to achieve fertilization and fulfill their dreams to have an issue generic Clomid has very less side effects and is effective to treat infertility in women. It is prescribed by many physicians around the world. Clomid can be a boon for you too so waste your time buy generic Clomid and order cheap Clomid no prescription now.