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Diflucan is used for fungal infections of nails, vagina and month namely, vulvovaginal and oropharyngeal, candidiasis respectively. It is indicated for athlete’s foot, tinea corporis, tinea crusis, cryptococcal meningitis and aspergillosis.

Purpose: Fungal Treatment Prescription Required:No
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Drug Facts

How Diflucan works? Diflucan is a medicine and it is also known as triazole antifungal. It contains Fluconazole as an active ingredient. It can treat fungal and yeast infections. There is Candida or Cryptococcus type of fungi whose against Fluconazole can work. It causes holes in the cell membranes of fungi by destroying ergosterol. The cell constituents leak out through these holes and kill the fungi. Generic Diflucan can be given by mouth or by intravenous infusion. When generic Diflucan should not be taken? Generic Diflucan should not be given to patients having allergic reaction to antifungal drugs. How Diflucan interacts with other drugs? Generic Diflucan can cause increased side effects with triazolam, misoldipine, lovastatin, cisapride, bepridil, ivabradine and simvastatin. Blood levels of Diflucan increase with repaglimide, sildenafil, sirolimus, vardenafil, fentanyl, lenspirone, aripiprazole, alprazolam, digoxin and tadalafil. What can be the possible side effects? Diflucan can cause alopecia, impotency, visual disturbances, jaundices, headache, dizziness, hypertension, liver and heart failure, menstrual disorders, arthritis, pulmonary edema, hypokalemia, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting or constipation as side effects. What precautions you must take? It must be used continuously in patient with decreased heart function, liver dysfunction, heart failure, and patient and will allergy to antifungal drugs. Is generic Diflucan safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding? Generic Diflucan is not recommended in the pregnant women as it can harm the fetus. You must consult your physician before taking any drug. The drug is not recommended in women breastfeeding their infants as it can pass through mother’s milk and affect the baby if it. Where can I buy Diflucan? Diflucan is an answer to recurrent fungal infection occurring in the body. Month infection and skin infections and infections of the superficial layer are very common. Diflucan contains Fluconazole is an antifungal agent that can treat these fungal attaches. Generic Diflucan is very effective and can be bought online at our pharmacy. You don't need to go to a pharmacy store wasting your time and money, on internet the drug is available at a very low cost and it is guaranteed to be as effective as original. The drug is used in many developed and developing countries and it is proved by clinical research. There are lesser side effects and improved, quality of this drug. Relieve your all fungal complaints with generic Diflucan.