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Flagyl is used to treat bacterial infections of blood, bone, abdomen, sepsis, gingivitis, infection of vagina genitals and intestine.

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Drug Facts

How the drug works? Flagyl prevents the growth and duplication of bacteria and protozoa. It kills the protozoa and bacteria by destroying the DNA or genetic material of these cells. It can treat protozoal infections like Entamoeba, Trichmonas and Giardia infection which cause amoebic dysentery, trichomonas infection and giardiasis, respectively. Generic Flagyl is used to treat anaerobic bacterial infections affecting gut, bones, guns, pelvic cavity and leg ulcers. When generic Flagyl should not be taken? The drugs containing Flagyl are contraindicated in patients having severe liver failure and kidney failure and patients allergic to this type of antibiotics. The patients who have suffered recent heart attacks, severe lung disorders also must not take this drug. You must not take it if you have Crohn’s disease. How Flagyl interacts with other drugs? Avoid alcohol with generic Flagyl as it may lead to flushes of heat and nausea. It increases the blood clothing time or INR with warfarin and the action of Flagyl can be enhanced with phenytoin, fluorouracil, lithium and ciclosporin during. It can become less effective with oral contraceptive pills. Let your physician know about the drugs you are taking at your own. You must not take it cimetidine and antabuse. What are the side effects of generic Flagyl? Flagyl can cause seizures, confusion, drowsiness, dizziness, itch, rashes, visual complaints, headache and leucopenia as side effect. Other side effects include white patches in the mouth, paraesthesia; also known as tingling sensation in the extremities in the body or as if ants are crawling; burning while urination, dry mouth and metallic taste in the mouth. Side effects may vary from person to person. What precautions you must take? Generic Flagyl must be given carefully in liver diseases, porphyrias and decreased lives function. You must take plenty of water and you must not chew the drug. Don’t drink alcohol while taking this. You must not overdose Flagyl and should consult your doctor if new symptoms appear. Is generic Flagyl safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding? Generic Flagyl is safe in pregnancy and can be taken. You must consult your physician before taking it. No harmful effects are recorded. The drug is not recommended in women breastfeeding their infants as it can pass through mother’s milk and affect the baby if it. Both are the critical stages of a mother’s life, you must be careful about the selection of the drugs you take. Where can I buy Flagyl? Flagyl can be bought online at our drugstore and the quality of the product is guaranteed. Flagyl can help you get relieved from the bacterial infections that you may be tired of. Flagyl is a safe drug approved in clinical trials. You can avoid the unnecessary visits to chemist and purchase generic Flagyl.