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Lasix contains Furosemide as an active component which is used for water retention in the body. Generic Lasix removes excess of fluid present in the body. It is loop diuretic or water tablet. Lasix will cause increased secretion of urine from the kidneys and loop of Henle.

Purpose: Water Retention Prescription Required:No
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Drug Facts

Where is Lasix indicated? Lasix is useful in conditions like edema, in heart malfunctioning, pulmonary edema, ascites, and peripheral accumulation of fluid, anasarca and other diseases where the fluid is retained in the body. It is more useful in kidney failures when kidneys are not able to filter toxins out of the body and due to excess concentration of sodium and potassium ions. How generic Lasix works? Lasix works by acting on loop of Henle in the kidney cells known as nephrons. It causes the excessive secretion of sodium and potassium ions in the urine and resulting into lowered concentration in the blood serum. This causes flow of water towards outside through the kidneys in the form of urine. There is decreased absorption of water from nephrons due to increased ion concentration. Therefore, the excess of fluid in conditions like edema, lung and heart failure will be removed by using Generic Lasix. When Lasix should not be taken? Lasix is not to be used in patients having kidney failure. If there is no passage of urine, this drug is contraindicated. Liver diseases like hepatic encephalopathy and coma do not allow the prescription for Lasix. Allergy, dehydration, low fluid volume too contraindicates this drug. How generic Lasix interacts with other drugs? Lasix will decrease fluid ion concentration and blood pressure. If other drugs lowering the blood pressure are taken along with this drug, you can become too weak and can even faint. Generic Lasix shouldn’t be combined with alpha blockers, beta blockers, and drugs like enalapril, nifepidine, antidepressants, clonidine and benzodiazepines. Angiotensin II antagonist should also be avoided. The side effects can become intense with other diuretics, NSAIDs and antibiotics like gentamycin and also with corticosteroids. Lasix must be used carefully with digoxin, pimozide and heart medicines like flecainide. What can be the possible side effects? Lasix can produce low sodium, calcium and potassium levels, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, dehydration, hypovolaemia, paraesthesia, hearing troubles, diarrhea, nausea, cramps, colic and lowered WBC count in the body. What precautions you must take? If you are taking Lasix, you must monitor the kidney function carefully and regularly. You must inform your physician about this drug and any kind of unexpected side effects appearing in the body. Generic Lasix must be used carefully in old people, in diabetes, gout, dysuria, kidney and liver dysfunction. Is generic Lasix safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding? Generic Lasix should be prescribed carefully if woman is pregnant. Any harm to the fetus must be ruled out before prescribing. Lasix can result in reduced milk production and can pass through breasts in mother’s milk. Hence, it is contraindicated in nursing women. Where can I buy Lasix? Lasix is a common diuretic drug used nowadays to remove the excess of water in the body. The trouble of water retention is alleviated and this can be done effectively when the drug is consumed regularly. Lasix is available at Pharmacy At Home and patients can buy it from their home. You can get the home delivery and easy access to the drug. Generic Lasix provided to you will be 100% same as brand. It is effective and prescribed by all prescribers all over the world. Generic Lasix is used in all nations due to its security and safety. Order generic Lasix and buy cheap Lasix online today.