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Levitra was introduced on US market in August 2003 as the erectile dysfunction treatment drug. Generic Levitra contains active ingredient called Vardenafil. The medicine starts to work in 45 minutes and maintained for 6-10 hours. Generic Levitra is the most effective drug to treat ED in comparison with Viagra and Cialis. Buy Levitra online today at Pharmacy at Home and satisfy all your sexual needs.

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Drug Facts

Levitra is indicated in cases where males are not able to sustain erections for longer time period or can’t have erections. The condition is better known as impotence or erectile dysfunction. ED is a major trouble faced by men and a survey conducted showed that most men are worried about sexual dysfunction after an age of 55 years of age. Generic Levitra was formulated to produce to long and better erections. Levitra consists of Vardenafil as an active agent. How erectile dysfunction occurs? Levitra is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. This a special class of drugs. ED comes at a certain period of time in old age. It may occur because of nervous trauma or to the sexual organs. The disease may come up if you have viral infections or sexual diseases like syphilis. To understand how generic Levitra can produce long erections you must know how an erection occurs? How Levitra works? Under sexual stimulation nervous and endocrinal changes are seen. There is formation of cGMP or cyclic GMP cyclic GMP is a chemical messenger formed during sexual arousal which in turn attaches with the muscular layer of arteries of penis. The muscular layer will get relaxed and dilation of the penile arteries is seen. The two main muscles corpora cavernosa and corpora spongiosum will get fully engorged with blood and becomes inflated. Hence, the penis becomes erect and stiff. To break the cGMP, phosphodiesterase type 5 is formed. It removes cyclic GMP from the muscular layer makes the arteries constricted and penis is flaccid again. If cGMP stays for longer time penis will be erect for longer period. Phosphodiesterase must be prevented to act on cGMP. Thus, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor or Levitra comes into action. When generic Levitra should not be taken? Generic Levitra is a boon for the males suffering from ED. Levitra is not prescribed to females, adolescents and patients having severe disease conditions of kidney, spleen, liver and heart. If you have suffered angina recently you should not take Levitra. It must not be taken by patients of NAION and these who have been taking MAOI drugs. You must be careful after taking this drug as it may cause some dizziness. How generic Levitra interacts with other drugs? Levitra can’t be taken with the drugs that contain nitrate. These are known as poppers and must be avoided with Levitra. You can’t take more than 5 mg of Levitra if you are using erythromycin. What can be the possible side effects? Side effects of Levitra are anxiety, drowsiness, abnormal heart rate, pain during erections, tension in the muscles, headache, nosebleed and bowel disturbances. Is Levitra safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding? Generic Levitra must be avoided in pregnancy and breastfeeding. It should not be handled as there is risk by skin absorption. The drug is formulated for male impotence only. What precautions you must take? Do not separate on heavy machines or drive automobiles if you are feeling sleepy. Take it carefully in moderate lung, heart, kidney and liver disease. You can take generic Levitra to change your sexual life. Prevent the breaking relationship with Levitra. It has been proved to produce erections for as long as 10 hours under sexual stimulation. Where can I buy Levitra? Levitra can be purchase online at very genuine prices. We provide generic Levitra and deliver it to your home there are easy payment options available and you will get 100% guarantee. Levitra is safe and approved drug. Change your life with generic Levitra today. Get an easy access through us. Buy cheap Levitra and order Levitra online at Pharmacy At Home.